Two of the biggest names going around in the indie/electronic space in Shallou and Ayokay have come through with arguably one of the most impressive collaborations of the year with the release of ‘Us’, a quintessential ambient offering with plenty of vibrancy and uplift to go around.

‘Us’ lathers you up in a warm glow in the initial stages with the plethora of pads and bubbly keys injecting that sense of optimism into the soundscape, and further enhanced by Shallou‘s enthralling melodies scattering through the mix. Once we enter the chorus, that sense of positivity continues to make its mark with the jubilant beats and synths providing plenty of energy and colour to the already bright soundscape.

“Ayokay and I met up in the studio after many years of having parallel styles to try and make some music. Alex played this simple synth line on his Prophet and immediately a melody popped into my head. From there, the rest of the production flowed effortlessly. It was one of the quickest and easiest songs I’ve made because me and Alex have so many common influences, and we weren’t trying to make a hit or force something.” – Shallou

out now via: Fader
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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