Australian producer Taka Perry continues to take significant strides forward with his powerful debut EP ‘KAKOMIRAI’, a seven-track release that pushes the boundary of conventional electronic music with its enforcing instrumentation that leaves a strong mark on you immediately upon your first encounter.

Including collaborations with BOY SODA, MUNGMUNG and Cyprus, plus three members of 1300 – goyo, rako and DALI HART, ‘KAKOMIRAI‘ takes listeners on an off-kilter journey with penetrating beats and booming bass lines setting the tone in the backdrop, all while electrifying synths provide surges of energy throughout your speakers. With mesmerising vocal collaborations providing a sense of freshness and charisma to each and every offering, Taka Perry ticks all the boxes in this impressive debut that’ll send shockwaves through the scene.

“KAKOMIRAI translates to ‘future and past’ in Japanese; it’s about reflecting on the past and how it made me the artist and person that I am today, but also looking into the future as I try to push the boundaries of my own creativity and reach new heights. That duality is something I hold close to my heart, not just my art, but life in general, hence it felt like the perfect title for my debut EP. KAKOMIRAI – the culmination of my musical exploration to this point and springboard for the journey ahead.” – Taka Perry

out now via: etcetc / TMRW Music
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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