SATIN JACKETS continues to amaze us with every drop of bliss he brings to the table of late, and in the case of his new single ‘Different Directions’ that notion continues to stand true with a sun-kissed delight that sees him team up with another frequent collaborator in Ivy Falls.

In true SATIN JACKETS fashion, ‘Different Directions’ delivers plenty of inviting groove and warmth in its composition which immediately appeals to all within its path. In the case of this single, we see plenty of room created in the mix to allow for those stunning vocals of Ivy Falls to take centre stage and command the narrative. Whilst her playful melodies buoyantly move through the uplifting soundscape, SATIN JACKETS utilises plenty of ambiance and atmospheric elements such as those enlightening pads and synths that provide a calmness to the colour palate on offer.

“I wanted to make another song with Tim and introduce my present writing style into it. So ‘Different Directions’ is about following your gut instinct and letting go of the idea that you have to follow one certain path and do it as strict as possible. Letting go of the pressure and living each day as it comes. A good intention I try to follow.” – Ivy Falls

out now via: Eskimo Recordings
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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