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If you’re not familiar with Chinese-American artist Aguava just yet then now is the time to jump on him. He’s teamed up with German label Majestic Casual for his latest release ‘If I’ which is a beautifully sublime slice of lo-fi afrobeat house music that I cannot take off repeat.  

We should all keep a close eye on this guy. 

“If I’ is the happy marriage of jazz, house, and afrobeats. I’ve been experimenting with afrobeats grooves lately as a result of listening to artists like Juls, Tems and Burna Boy. There’s something about the sound that speaks to me; the rhythms; the organic feel. It fit perfectly with the usual style of house that I produce, especially in between the four on the floor sections. This was the first afrobeats inspired track that really felt cohesive/worked, and the vocal sample really brought it all together.” ~ Aguava

out now via: Majestic Casual
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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