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Following on from her impressive debut mixtape ‘Quantum Jumping’ earlier this year, Melbourne-based artist DAINE continues to deliver some of the highest quality emo-pop going around with the release of ‘sleepwalking’, an emotionally-fuelled soundscape filled with those trademark deepened instrumentation and mesmerising vocal delivery.

‘sleepwalking’ provides us with a well-rounded and polished production, centred around those twanging guitars and trap-styled beats setting the tone in the backdrop. With plenty of space to work with, daine takes centre stage and builds the narrative alongside the rising backbone through those haunting vocals floating above the mix. As we reach the latter stages of the track, ‘sleepwalking’ hits its peak levels of intensity and impact as a mammoth wall of sound enters your speakers and provides a surge of energy into our spirits.

out now: Warner Music 
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

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