Satin Jackets – ‘First Thing’ (feat. Tailor) jackLNDN – Patterns (lp) Acid Stag Radio Jbox – ‘The Way I Live a Life’ 44 Ardent – intothedeep (ep) Mall Grab – What I Breathe (LP)

London-based producer poolsideconvo delivers plenty of drum and bass styled goodness with the release of his latest EP ‘the come up’, a four-track release that is the perfect backdrop for those summer beach days or for your kick ons after when the party is just getting started. 

With the core components the EP lying within the emphatic drum and bass that blares through your speakers, ‘the come up’ delivers plenty of colour and emotionally-fuelled instrumentation that further elevates each of the individual mixes on offer significantly. poolsideconvo takes us on quite a profound sonic journey with swirling synths and pads rising in and out of the production, as well as enthralling vocals scattered about that keeps listeners engaged and addicted all the way through the release.

out now via: poolsideconvo
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter

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