Californian duo slenderbodies continue to produce some of the highest quality indie/pop music that’s going around with the long-awaited release of their album ‘simple shapes’, a sixteen-track offering filled with joyful soundscapes and irresistible vocal hooks that’ll leave you mesmerised for days on end.

Throughout the duration of ‘simple shapes’, it becomes apparent that the central focus of this release is for pure fun and uplift with a buoyant instrumentation base setting the joyful tone in tact through luscious guitars and vibrant synths providing plenty of brightness across the mix, all while the groove is being injected in the crisp percussion that you simply can’t ignore. slenderbodies find a way to continue the good vibes being scattered across the soundscape with their hazy melodies providing another form of ambiance and tranquility for us all to bask within.

“all we leave behind are little parts of ourselves, in the grand scheme of time we are just simple shapes. therefore, living and loving as much as we can in the present is the best thing for us.”– slenderbodies

out now via: slenderbodies 
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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