Tiësto & Charli XCX – ‘Hot In It’ NEWCOMERS MY PLAYLIST with Vancouver Sleep Clinic bad tuner – ‘oxygen’ Shoffy – ‘Nightmares In NYC’ bitbird – create together vol. 3 (lp)

With several singles already under his belt in 2022, AK continues to expand on his brand of atmospheric/lo-fi electronic bliss with the release of his debut album ‘Imperfections’, a twelve-track release that encompasses a significant amount of groove whilst ensuring an expansive and natural sound palate provides that ultimate blend of ambiance.  

‘Imperfections’ takes us on quite a profound sonic journey throughout its duration, utilising a heavy electronic influence in both the synths that sparkle across the top of the mix whilst providing plenty of emphatic drive in the backdrop through the empowering drum and bass combination. Within AK‘s production, he ensures that the influence of nature and natural surroundings remains prevalent and creates an echoed yet full soundscape for us to lose ourselves fully within.

“Imperfections is about embracing the imperfect, both in music and our surroundings. It’s about seeing the beauty in the flawed.” – AK

out now via: bitbird
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