Following on from his recently released sophomore album ‘DREAM SOUP’ a matter of months ago, NYC multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer Mindchatter continues to bring the heat this year with a brand new single ‘Let’s Go Dancing’, a quirky number that features the production expertise of South African producer Kyle Watson.

‘Let’s Go Dancing’ delivers a swift tempo from the second it begins through the fast-paced percussion that intertwines with those raspy vocals that move through the mix in a smoothened nature. Once we arrive at the chorus, we are met with an injection of force through the synth bass that shifts the dynamic of the release into a new dimension, and as such providing a perfect podium for us all to get our groove on.

“I initially reached out to Kyle about doing a remix of a song from Imaginary Audience, but after connecting we both felt a collaboration would be more interesting. There was a demo I was sitting on for years but didn’t love the production on it and knew Kyle could help bring it to life.” – Mindchatter

out now via: Mind of A Genius
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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