Vancouver producer On Planets continues to showcase his trademark genre-bending stylings at the highest possible levels through the release of his highly anticipated sophomore EP ‘To Leave and Come Back’, a six-track offering that delivers lo-fi brilliance all whilst contrasting between a warming and contemplative glow in this depth-defying collection.

On Planets finds a way throughout ‘To Leave and Come Back’ to maintain a easy-going nature within the productions of the tracks, all while a significant amount of depth in production is evident with a balance between brittle percussion, enchanting guitars and the electronic influence of synths and bass. As this display ensures a significant amount of texture and colour being splashed about the soundscape, On Planets manipulates the mix to ensure his outstanding vocals (and in particular those captivating harmonies) have the perfect amount of space and can bounce off the off-kilter instrumentation to create quite a formidable partnership.

“These songs span the course of many relationships, homes, jobs; in some ways, each song was almost written by an entirely different person than the last. However, each is an integral part of the story, and comes together to form an abstract yet (hopefully) poignant picture of me, in my world.” – On Planets

out now via: bitbird
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