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Earlier this month we were left stunned by Toronto-based (via Kenya & Rwanda) artist Jozem‘s most recent single ‘Youth’, all whilst noting that there was plenty more of that goodness on its way via his debut album was only a matter of weeks away. This week we have all been gifted with ‘it came to me in a dream’, an introspective ten-track journey that takes us into the mind and spirit of Jozem through some of the most captivating and raw soundscapes we’ve come across this year.

Within ‘it came to me in a dream’ we see a clear focus on the manipulation and production of Jozem‘s eerie and hazy vocals that scatter across the top of the mix. As we progress through the track listing, we see how the reverb-soaked nature of the vocals are utilised as the catalyst for change and intensification amongst the instrumentation on offer, and as such providing a real riveting odyssey for us all to experience.

“It came to me in a dream is a soundscape of the last decade of my life. It is a window into my soul. It touches on my dreams, my fears, my goals and aspirations. It covers pivotal moments in my life, such as reconnecting with the country that birthed me, and that which raised me, as I continue my yearning for something that feels like home, spiritually and physically. It touches on themes of emancipation of self as I examine my relationship with myself and those that I love, my relationship with my spirituality, my sexuality and my music, as I learn more about how I want to love and be loved. It is about facing my fears, facing the demons that haunt me at night, truly having a conversation with myself and ultimately working towards being my most authentic self whilst finding my purpose in this life.” – Jozem

out now via: Liminal Dreams
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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