New Zealand-born, London-based electronic artist and producer BAYNK has been on a monumental rise over the past few years, producing some of the finest electronic music going around that has taken him through a plethora of singles and EP’s that has seen his status rise swiftly but surely to a global branding. This has lead to the long-awaited release of his debut album ‘ADOLESCENCE’, a pristine production of ten individually brilliant tracks that delve deep into the worlds of electronic/dance/pop that lift your spirits immensely upon your first encounter with them.

Beginning in familiar fashion with previous singles ‘Touch Me’ and one of the standouts from last year in the Tinashe-collaboration ‘Esther’, the party has well and truly begun with these uplifting gems that inject a hefty amount of vibrancy and summer-inspired goodness into the spectrum immediately, especially in those majestic vocals from the man himself floating effortlessly above the mix. Whilst we’re on the topic of collaborations, we need to acknowledge the absolute star power that BAYNK has collated with Cosmo’s Midnight, Cub Sport, DRAMA, Rainsford and Golden Vessel that bring their expertise into the thumping production bases on offer in each of their mixes.

Throughout the journey that is ‘ADOLESCENCE’, we see the true art form of a full length release at its absolute best. Whilst showcasing a consistency in its approach with a unified sound and comfortability that seems to grow as we progress through, BAYNK lays it all out on the line for us with a considerable amount of depth within his soundscapes that balances the tightrope between infectious club-inspired bangers and mesmerising yet emotionally fuelled lyricism that deserves critical acclaim. Cuts such as the lead single ‘Naked’, the Golden Vessel collaboration ‘Till It’s Even’ and ‘Remember’ (featuring Rainsford) display this notion, providing plenty of space in the mix for the vocals to stand firm in the centre of the mix and leave us gobsmacked with their utter beauty whilst the robust beats and synths providing the perfect podium to launch from.

out now via: BAYNK
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