warner case is kicking off the new year with a great new dancefloor filler called ‘you’re like a dream’ which has him teaming up with Zimbabwean newcomer TAPIWA, and it is quite clear that this was one of those collaborations that was just meant to be.

This track is a great little mood-booster, so let’s clear some space and get ready to move!

“I contacted Tapiwa on SoundCloud to thank him for some love he gave me on my tunes, and we got to talking… he sent me some demos, and this one immediately stuck out as something special. We’ve never met before, but we clicked creatively right away. It’s a surreal and exciting experience to work on music with someone whose face you’ve never seen except through a screen, and sometimes you come up with something really great. This is one of those times.”
– warner case

out now via: Unity Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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