2021 has been a pretty big year of album releases for me. A few of my favourites artists like Roosevelt, Rhye, Sufjan Stevens, Tora, SG Lewis and Flight Facilities all dropped incredible albums that I’ve absolutely rinsed, and I also discovered a few new artists like Slouch Online and Zuli Jr. who both blew me away with theirs.

One of my management artists, Golden Vessel, launched a new lo-fi house project called 1tbsp and gave us a very impressive 4-track debut which I’ve listened to more times than I can count, but my number one album of the year goes to one of my other management artists daste. who released their debut album “dusk&dawn” which is just simply an exceptional body of work that deserves everyone’s attention. I can’t give that album enough praise!

There were also a few albums that I listen to a lot over the last few months which didn’t make the top 10 but I felt they still deserved to be mentioned so I’ve listed those below as well.

The emoji that best sums up my year: 🤷‍♂️


1. daste. – dusk&dawn

2. Roosevelt – Polydans

3. Rhye – Home

4. Tora – A Force Majeure

5. Slouch Online – SUPERBRiGHT

6. Zuli Jr. – Stop It God.

7. 1tbsp – kanashī

8. Flight Facilities – FOREVER

9. Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind

10. SG Lewis – times

Honourable Mentions:

11. JUNGLE – Loving In Stereo

12. LEISURE – Sunsetter

13. James Blake – Friends That Break Your Heart

14. Silk Sonic – An Evening With Silk Sonic

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