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After garnering critical acclaim for their self-titled debut album last year, Australian dance-pop collective Haiku Hands come forth with news of their forthcoming limited edition vinyl in February through their hypnotic new single ‘Conclusions’ (featuring Suburban Dark) as well the announcement of an Australian tour to go with it. ‘Conclusion’ smashes you across its face with its booming nature from the word go, with the emphatic bass line setting the abrupt tone of the piece in tact whilst the eclectic percussion provides a contrast of sparsity before those altered vocals sparkle through the mix. These vocals shift in intensity as we progress through, commanding your attention with the anthemic melodies that are heightened through the soaring synths blaring their way through the latter stages. “Conclusions is a driving in the car late at night, volume maxed, head banging, face scrunching kind of track. Pulsing burnt basslines and driving drums juxtaposed by floating melodic vocals instantly transport you to the organised chaos of Haiku Hands’ car yard complete with guard dog.  Written in full stream of consciousness mode and off a beat written on an iPhone on a plane by Suburban Dark, it’s a timely effortless take on human differences, ideas and why none of it matters when you’re in the zone.” – Haiku Hands Fans can catch Haiku Hands for their Album Tour, ‘We Got Vinyl’, as well as several festival slots next year across Australia. Check out the dates below and get your tickets here.

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