Each time we step inside the worlds of Flamingo Jones and Albert Salt‘s joint project Juno Disco, we are invited into a world of nostalgia and wonder with their retro inspiration and energetic approach to their luscious soundscapes and in the case of their brand new EP ‘House Of Juno’ the sound has never been more pristine with some of the most uplifting textures going around.

Featuring previous singles ‘Dreamin’ and ‘Left To Write’, Juno Disco showcase all the tricks and expertise in their artillery with a thick and robust instrumentation base on offer that produces a emphatic sound palate that you immediately want to be a part of. Evoking echoes of Client Liaison and Confidence Man in tracks such as ‘Neon Lights’ and ‘Don’t Be Fooled’, Juno Disco provide listeners with a vast array of colour throughout the journey of ‘House of Juno’ with a sparsity in the synths, as well as the resounding synth bass and powerful drums that lifts your spirit immediately upon your first encounter.

“’House Of Juno’ was a lockdown baby, born of a deep longing for late nights and sweaty dancefloors…The beats hit heavier, the words are more sentimental, all in an effort to quench our thirst for the club. This record was actually produced in a unique way, in that a lot of it was produced via zoom due to lockdown. There were a lot of recording sessions specifically, where Albert would set up a mic and a camera in his studio and I (Nick) would be watching on from my studio, giving notes on each take and really building the songs from there.” – Juno Disco

out now via: Juno Disco
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud


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