French producer NICOLAS utilises a diverse range of darkened textures and off-kilter influence to create an all-embracing EP ‘WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF US?’, a six-track release that showcases an obscurity in its approach whilst transferring a notable deep-house styled groove that results in a diverse sound palate.

With a multi-genre approach on offer, NICOLAS delivers a more murky soundscape at first with a deepened instrumentation base of drums and bass but is able to maintain a subtle injection of warmth through those atmospheric pads that encompass all the remaining space in the mix. Utilising these elements as the building blocks for the the duration of the release, NICOLAS brings forth a sparsity with the synth production on offer that leaves an immediate mark of the overall output, whilst those restrained yet haunting vocals intertwine with ease into piece and adds the final piece of the puzzle to the energetic sound palate throughout.

“I’m still figuring out a way to find who I am and what my life will be and I’m using music to express my feelings and internet to have a record of who I am. If you want to remember, be part of my, your, our project.” –  NICOLAS

out now via: NICOLAS
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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