Edinburgh-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Cyrano continues to stun us with his glistening electronic/pop sound odysseys in the form of his long awaited debut EP ‘Consolations’, a four-track release that couples surging instrumentation with emotionally fuelled lyricism that leaves an impact immediately after your first encounter.

Through the journey of ‘Consolations’, Cyrano lays it all on the line with those commanding vocals that draw echoes to Chris Martin of Coldplay with their raw approach and provide a warmth in the texture of the soundscapes, even if the overall mood may be a tad sombre in the instrumentation in certain situations. ‘Consolations’ lures you in immediately with its powerful instrumentation compiled, whether that be the empowering percussion, soaring guitars or electrifying synths that deliver a considerable amount of power to the overall production and lift those mesmerising melodies to incredible heights.

“Plaster is probably me at my most vulnerable, but I think that’s why it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve written. The first line “Locke halts; he’s got my head in a river drawn out starting to shiver” describes a moment in counselling where I felt completely broken. Locke is someone I owe a lot to for pulling me through, and Plaster is for anyone struggling and an admission of strength through weakness. As difficult as life can feel, there’ll be a moment where you come through, towel dry and seeing the past in hindsight.” – Cyrano

out now via: Fourth Wall Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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