With a ridiculous amount of singles coming through already in 2021, French producer Darius aims to continue the party all the way through to the end of the year with the long awaited release of his latest EP ‘OASIS (Prelude)’ that is drenched in house/disco/funk goodness with its incredibly appealing soundscapes on offer that you’ll simply adore.

Featuring collaborations with Wayne Snow, Benny Sings, Duñe, Amaria and Flwr Chlyd throughout the track listing, ‘OASIS (Prelude)’ utilises the vibrant melodies on offer from each artist and accentuates the uplifting nature throughout with super-funky instrumentation such as the robust bass lines and mesmerising synths that bring forth a significant amount of colour across the mixes.

“I try to get into a creative routine by doing two or three-week solo residencies twice a year, often in houses in the countryside. Each time I bring back all my equipment to create a new temporary studio. I think anyone should take the time, or find the time, to be away from the cities for a while, in a new landscape to reconnect with nature and especially with themselves. Most of the time it’s also to allow me to do other things than music, cooking, walking, drawing, writing, meditating. Even all this together is meditation when you are alone in the quiet.” – Darius

Stream via: Roche Musique
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