With restrictions easing across Australia in the coming weeks and months, the team from QMUSIC and BIGSOUND have teamed up for one big party in November to send 2021 off in style with Big Summer Block Party taking place across Fortitude Valley’s Warner Street with quite an impressive lineup filled with BIGSOUND alumni – and best of all, it’s FREE!

Taking place on Sunday, November 28, Big Summer Block Party be taking place across venues such as Black Bear Lodge, Kickons, O’Skulligans, The Brightside, The Brightside, Outdoors, The Outpost and The Zoo from 4–9pm and will be featuring the likes of Eves Karydas, Golden Vessel, LISI, Jesswar, Eliza & The Delusionals, First Beige, Sampology and many more.

“Cancelling BIGSOUND this year was devastating for us all, so being able to curate a lineup of Queensland’s past BIGSOUND showcasing artists and those we believe are the future of BIGSOUND was a real treat for Dom [Miller] and I! It’s a celebration of the incredible talent we have in this state, and a sneak peek of what BIGSOUND 2022 could hold.” – BIGSOUND Festival co-programmer, Ruby-Jean McCabe

Eves Karydas | LISI
Jesswar | Eliza & The Delusionals | First Beige
Sampology | Golden Vessel | Clea | dameeeela
Asha Jefferies | Karl S Williams | THE RIOT | Hayley Marsten
Moss | LÂLKA | Being Jane Lane | Jelly Oshen
Wildheart | Beckah Amani | Sachém | Colie

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