Fresh off magnetising us all with his latest single ‘Rosewood’, Bonobo continues to gift us with impressive cuts of his forthcoming new album ‘Fragments’ with an enchanting new release titled ‘Tides’ that sees the mesmerising vocals of Jamila Woods on offer for a majestic soundscape filled with wonder and allure.

Bonobo takes a step back and provides us with a more relaxed feel in the tempo through a calming drum pattern that sets the scene for the smoothened bass line and magical harps to leave us spell-bound with easy-going nature. In this relaxing yet stirring soundscape on offer, the ultimate calming point lies within the manipulation of Jamila Woods‘ mesmerising vocals that float effortlessly above the mix which lead us brilliantly in the divine string section that rounds out this captivating release.

“When I first heard Jamila’s vocal she had recorded I knew instantly I had a centrepiece for the album. Lyrically it captured everything the project was about. This track was a real turning point in the process of finishing the album and Miguel Atwood Ferguson’s incredible string parts at the end brought the whole thing to another level.” – Bonobo

out now via: Ninja Tune
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