After producing some of the freshest singles already this year, Dutch musician and visual artist YOUNG & SICK continues to gift us with some of the most unique and down right smooth tracks going around with the release of his brand new album ‘BROTHER’ that picks up where its predecessors left off with those lo-fi grooves and nostalgic vocals that leave you enchanted.

‘BROTHER’ maintains a thorough consistency with its approach throughout the duration of the album, dabbling in influence from the past with those captivating vocals combining gently with the elegance of the pianos which ensure a lushness overall, whilst somehow intertwining with ease into the more contemporary electronic sounds coming to the forefront that needs critical acclaim.

“We made BROTHER in the summer of 2019. Nick had just moved back east after a few years of slow-rambling around Los Angeles, and Luke was convalescing after a nasty bit of blunt force trauma and septic shock.

Above everything else – the joy of being reunited, the fear of separation, our shared and obscure musical obsessions (shoutout to SpaceArk)- we wanted to make an album of songs that made us giggle like schoolboys. An album we hope approaches both the weirdness and the timelessness of our love.” – Young & Sick

Stream via: B3SCI Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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