If you were looking for some motivation to live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy, then look no further than NYC producer warner case who has come through with an anthemic new single titled ‘feel it yah’ that enforces you to not waste your time and live in the moment through a deep house backdrop that is extremely groovy.

Throughout ‘feel it yah’, warner case creates a soothing atmosphere through the hypnotic bass setting the sultry tone in place whilst the playful drums accentuate the groove alongside those steamy vocals that provide that positive message in a calming manner. ‘feel it yah’ chooses to keep things in a minimalistic manner, this allowing the motivating message to make its presence felt and not get lost amongst the other elements.

“feel it yah is basically “yolo” without the baggage. But i feel like yolo got a bad rap… contextually it’s really lame, but its actual meaning is pure and valuable: any one of us could die tomorrow, and as far as we know, we only have this one life, so we might as well live in the moment and do what we love. so go forth and feel it yah, my friends” – warner case

Stream: Unity Records
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