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Floridian 9-piece-collective seeyousoon continue to provide us with teases of their upcoming second album ‘HZLIKHELL’ with a deep and booming new single ‘FIX YOUR FACE’ that serves as a self-worth anthem of being confident in your own skin.

‘FIX YOUR FACE’ smacks you in the face with its emphatic manner courtesy of the resounding bass piercing through the mix alongside the deepened beats working hand in hand with the swirling synths that hypnotise us all immediately. With a commanding vocal performance that charges through the soundscape in a domineering way, seeyousoon charge you up with an anthemic single that’ll put a welcomed strut in your walk.

“Simply put, Fix Your Face is a song about getting weird looks from people in public. As a rather weird-looking group of people, we’re no strangers to this concept. It’s a feeling we wanted to harness and turn into something empowering. The next time you catch a weird glare just listen to the song and you’ll understand.” – seeyousoon

Stream via: seeyousoon
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