Warrang / West-Sydney artist Big Skeez and reggae dancehall artist Gold Fang are here to send shockwaves through your speakers with a blistering collaboration titled ‘Where Yuh From’, the latest release on NLV Records that is an enforcing release filled with emphatic production and commanding melodies for days.

‘Where Yuh From’ immediately leaves an impact with its direct and powerful approach with those enforcing melodies taking centre stage and demanding your attention, and furthering this notion with booming bass lines and hard-hitting beats that lay down those impenetrable foundations in place. Although the track moves at a rapid pace with its duration, both artists leave no stone unturned and lay it all out there with powerful melodies that match the intensity of the instrumentation to get everyone on their feet and fired up immediately.

“The song is about embracing where you’re from and being proud of where you’re from, and also coming together as one and make some changes.”  – Big Skeez

Stream via: NLV Records
Big Skeez: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp
Gold Fang: Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud | Tik Tok

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