Following on from Haruka Salt and Tongji‘s collaborative EP, the duo combine their expertise yet again and enlist French Horn RebellionRobert PM for a thrilling sonic journey titled ‘Everything We Love Will Fade in Time’ which serves up eclectic sounds to a techno backdrop that’ll get your heart rate pumping.

Built on a core of a thumping four to the floor beat, ‘Everything We Love Will Fade in Time’ intensifies itself at a slow but sure pace to keep us on the edge of our seats for the near 5 minute duration. Injecting a thickened bass line and swirling synths to add further obscurity to the picture, Robert PM takes things to a whole new level with his emotionally-fuelled performance that intertwines with the energetic instrumentation the elevate the whole soundscape to mammoth heights.

Stream via: Toucan Sounds
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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