LA-based hip-hop trio 2 Man Embassy & singer-songwriter/producer Jake Neumar combine forces for a jubilant collaboration with a high amount of buoyancy and uplift titled ‘Maraschino’ that depicts a tale about returning to a bad relationship and all the actions resulting from doing so.    

Featuring a highly spirited tempo created by the thumping beats, lively synths and brooding bass, ‘Maraschino’ delivers a joyful soundscape whilst contrasting with the weighty lyricism that is offset by the smooth vocal display of Neumar that oozes charisma in its output. Building the narrative from the ground floor of the pianos and restrained percussion in the bridges, 2 Man Embassy implement a sharp ascendency to lead us into an appealing chorus with plenty of charm to lure you in with the explosive instrumentation on offer.

“Maraschino is all about going back to toxic relationships because, sometimes, they’re just more fun. And when pretty please isn’t enough, she’ll find a way to put the cherry on top” – Jake Neumar

Stream via: Lowly Palace
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