After exploding onto the scene in 2020 with hit after hit, Melbourne singer-songwriter and producer Jerome Farah returns with a commanding performance in his latest single ‘Concrete Jungle Fever’, a fast-paced offering that demands your attention with an uncompromising flow and serious grit on offer in the accompanying audio.

‘Concrete Jungle Fever’ provides an edginess across all aspects of the piece, whether that’s through the crunchy percussion or the flavoursome bass that provides plenty of energy across the backdrop of the track. However, the star element of ‘Concrete Jungle Fever’ lies in the fired-up approach that Jerome Farah takes on in his vocals with plenty of emphasis and power displayed across his flavoursome flow that does not let up for the duration of the piece.

“Concrete Jungle Fever is about not being the things that people want you to be. Even if you tick all their stereotypical boxes, it’s about being you, even if you upset people along the way”. – Jerome Farah

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