Following on from their mammoth debut single ‘Something Was Missing’, the collaborative project of The Kite String Tangle and Woodes known as Tornado Club return with a stunning ballad titled ‘Intuition’ that depicts a tale of real-life heartbreak and sorrow, as well as the release of a mini-documentary showcasing the journey of their forthcoming EP ‘Reset’.

‘Intuition’ provides an isolated and raw platform for Tornado Club to deliver their emotionally fuelled message, whereby The Kite String Tangle and Woodes’ vocals intertwine magnificently and couple beautifully with the gripping pianos which deliver the sombre mood to the mix. The track builds magnificently towards the ending of the piece, whereby the percussion and synths raise their intensity subtly alongside those stunning harmonised melodies that leads to an explosion of sound that gives ‘Intuition’ the ending it well and truly deserves.

Stream via: Warner Music
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