Brisbane producer Odd Mob brings forth a club-ready track full of oomph and vigour in ‘Disappear’, featuring Melbourne based Pooks and Hayley Trinca that combines a darkened instrumentation base with soothing melodies that collectively soar through the mix quite swiftly.

‘Disappear’ begins in an elegant manner with the bright pianos setting the tone alongside Trinca’s commanding vocals, whilst slowly implementing the uptempo groove with the swift drums making their presence known in the lead up to the chorus. As we arrive at the climatic point, we are met with the fiery synths that pierce through the mix and implement that darkened colour palate into the atmosphere.

“This track sat unfinished on my computer for almost a year, then after a two week trip to hospital, I finally had time to think about it and was able to crack it! Turns out, I needed to make it more moody and stormy than it originally was! I took inspiration from Camelphat, Imanu and a lot of low-fi house artists, and wanted to make something that felt modern but also a little bit low-fi. It was so good to work with some emerging local talent for this track!” – Odd Mobb

Stream via: Tinted Records / Central Station Records
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