Adelaide producer PNK FME follows up his impressive debut EP ‘I’ve Never Been Me’ by picking up where he left off through his thrilling new single ‘Forsaken’, a dark and emotive electronic track fill with enforcing instrumentation and climactic soundscapes that shatter the mix right to its core.

‘Forsaken’ delivers a warped sensation throughout the initial stages of the piece, where mysterious synths intertwine with PNK FME‘s emotive melodies to create a murky atmosphere in the mix. Through the deepened beats assisting in raising the intensity, PNK FME raises the bar in the chorus section whereby his vocals match the power created in the instrumentation to bleed pure emotion throughout the platform created.

“The feeling of ‘Forsaken’ was the first time I encountered these particular emotions encased with such a unique section of life…the production began with warped dissonance to reflect the lyrical nature with everything else just following suit!” – PNK FME

Stream: Gyrostream
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