Benji Lewis is coming back to us this week with a stunning new single called ‘Polaroids’, which has him teaming up with Los Angeles songwriter/actor Inbar Lavi.

Benji and Inbar first connected over social media during the 2020 lockdown, and after discussing a mutual appreciation for each other’s work they decided to set up a virtual session to see what they could create together.

“I started talking to Inbar about a year ago now. I already knew of her by her role in a series that I was really into called “Imposters”, and when she told me she really connected with one of my songs (‘Drift’) and would love to try creating something in that similar vibe together, I was definitely curious to say the least.” – Benji Lewis

Benji & Inbar also had a few other friends, Julian Feifel & Rynn Kempthorn,  join them for the virtual songwriting session, and afterwards one of Benji’s long-time collaborators Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel) helped with some extra production work and finishing touches.

“Before going into the virtual session, Inbar and I had a really great chat about our shared love of the beach and spending time out in the sunshine enjoying good times and creating new lasting memories with the people most special to us. This certainly helped with the direction of the song.

We also had two other people in the session with us, Julian Feifel who got us all moving with the instrumental base, and a songwriter called Rynn Kempthorn who really helped with forming the overall story, as well as bouncing melody ideas back & forth with myself.

Listening to the song makes me smile and want to jump around. I hope it can brighten up your days and be part of your special sunny moments and memories.” – Benji Lewis

Inbar Lavi also gives us some insight into the collaborative process behind the creation of this amazing single.

“Polaroids came from a deep appreciation I have for Benji and his immaculate talent. I’ve been a fan of his work for quite some time, there’s delicacy to his craft I can only strive for, so when he agreed to team up for a duet, I honestly couldn’t believe it. (I still can’t!) 

We zoomed up with our amazing co writers Rynn & Julian Feifel during Covid days, Julian and I in LA, Rynn in Texas, and Benji in Australia, with harmony and wifi bridging us all. The magnificent Maxwell Byrne jumped on as well to really elevate the track and take it to the next level.

The song came quite effortlessly when we all landed on a ‘feel good Summer song’ – who doesn’t love a window down, beach-air blowing, feel good song blasting through the radio on a hot summer’s day?

The song can mean so many different things to different people. To me, it’s a yearning. The echo of feeling connected and separated at the same time, with a through-line of faded memories and the hope of making new ones.” – Inbar Lavi

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