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Depicting a tale about unconditional love and support for those special ones in our lives without asking for anything in return, Sydney based producer Beso Palma brings forth an energetic offering filled with highly spirited instrumentation titled ‘Without Measure’ that features the sublime vocals of R&B artist Gia Vorne.

From the second ‘Without Measure’ begins, Beso Palma whacks out his artillery with an abundance of colour exerted through the lively keys, bass and beats on offer that set the sultry tone in tact. This leads us perfectly into Gia Vorne‘s mesmerising melodies that command your attention, and are complimented quite nicely with Palma’s lower register that build perfectly into the luscious chorus that melts like butter.

“Unconditional love is hard to come by these days in any relationship, romantic or not. I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in doing favours as a motive for something in return. Gia and I wanted to embody the act of selflessness, setting aside egoes to love freely. Lately, I’ve been inspired by my bandmate Taylor Davis (Brekky Boy) to write around the piano more. I was playing around with a keys idea the morning of the session which became the main body and basis of the melody that you hear in the hook.” – Beso Palma

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