After smashing their way onto the scene earlier this year, Plastic Skin have been making waves with their unique sound mesmerising listeners across the globe and now the trio have come forth with their debut EP ‘No Plans’, a five-track release that creates soothing soundscapes through a multi-faceted approach that you’ll simply adore.

Featuring their debut singles ‘No Plans’, ‘Don’t You’ and ‘Como Tu’, Plastic Skin bring forth two previously unheard releases that continue the trend set by their predecessors with dreamy instrumentation and luscious melodies intertwining together to provide a freshness that immediately soothes you no matter what mood you’re in.

“Jorge brings music to life with lyrics and vocal melodies, Donovan and Lalo are a little more focused on the production and composition of music, acoustic design and the structuring of ideas and final arrangements. We definitely believe that part of the message comes inert in the mother language in which the song was composed but this does not mean that it cannot be enjoyed by other people who do not speak or understand this language, we are Mexican and we want to make music that sounds global, so we started with making singles in English to be able to relate to people everywhere. Having the correct platform, Majestic Casual, we thought it would be a good idea and a good proposal to release one of the songs in Spanish.” – Plastic Skin

Stream via: Majestic Casual
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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