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Toronto-based artist JHYVE has come through with an ultra polished and sultry new single titled ‘About Her’, an R&B influenced offering that provides plenty of swagger and charisma across its confident approach in both its melodic and instrumentation composition.

The centrepiece of ‘About Her’ lies within JHYVE‘s extremely luscious vocals that melt across the mix like butter, perfectly intertwining with the key elements such as the swirling guitar riffs and crispy beats that accentuate the romanticism held in the track. With a swift yet succinct flow in the melody that further accentuates a tasty groove that has already been created in the rhythmic section, ‘About Her’ provides that ‘lounge session’ feel to its overall flow that allows it to achieve the laid-back nature it deserves.

“About Her is a song about noticing. I spend my life and energy around some amazing women with mf superpowers as far as I’m concerned and it felt really good to give them their flowers. I hope you’re vibing with it!” – JHYVE

Stream via: JHYVE
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