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After providing us with a plethora of impressive releases in the past few months, US producer ALIGN has gone full circle and given us what we’ve been begging for in the form of his brand new sophomore EP ‘VISTA’, a 5-track release that provides a spacious blend of atmospheric electronic music filled with synth-driven brilliance.

‘VISTA’ combines elements of tropical and ambient electronic music together that creates a fresh blend of openness and uplift, mainly observed in the tactical use of thumping percussion and bubbly synths achieving the necessary vibrancy levels required. Through the use of reverb-soaked pads that provide that atmospheric layer to the depth already on offer, ALIGN provides listeners with a sense of tranquility whilst ensuring sparks of surging energy keep us all on our toes and inject a welcomed dose of happiness into our ears. 

“A glimpse at something new can change how we go about our daily lives. The ‘VISTA’ EP surrounds catching this ‘glimpse’ or ‘view’ of something that influences us. Whether it is a literal view that is imprinted in our minds and stays with us; Or whether it’s a fresh perspective or thought that helps us move forward in our lives, these ‘vistas’ provide moments that impact us in many ways. I wrote these 5 tracks to reflect that. Impactful locations and experiences constantly change my perspective for the better, or they give me a new way to appreciate the things and people around me. For me, this EP covers the search of new things around us, finding the things we love, and the way we look at everything around us too.” – ALIGN

Stream: Lowly Palace
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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