Zuli Jr. is gearing up for the release of his new album “Stop It God” which will be hitting the shelves on May 13th, but before we get to that he still has one more single and music video to share with us!

This song is called ‘Her Manner’ and it is a super catchy electro-pop treat that just seems to hit all of my sweet spots.

As Zuli describes below ‘Her Manner’ is an ode to your addictions, and most importantly learning how to address them and eventually get over them. 

Her Manner is an ode to romanticizing addiction. Learning to break the cycle and address your issues rather than to perpetually seek out pleasure. I wrote the song as a first step towards looking inward for joy instead of fixating on a quick high to escape reality. Whether it be sex, drugs, alcohol, social media or any other vice.” – Zuli Jr. 

You can pre-order “Stop It God” right now via Nurtured Ideas

Out now via: Nurtured Ideas
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