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We’ve been keeping tabs on Los Angeles based artist FLAVIA for a little while now and I have been enjoying the easy on-going progression of her sound, style and overall aesthetic. 

FLAVIA has a sexy new song for us this week called ‘Ripe’ which she says is fun, freaky, playful and absurd, and I must say it is pushing all of the right buttons for me! 

“As I was driving down my little mountain, passing the sweet fruit trees that adorn the L.A. hillside I live on, I ferociously voice memo’d in 10 seconds what became the chorus of Ripe. Ripe touches on that initial craving you get when you first start liking someone and get lost in their world, their taste, their smell. It’s a celebratory song about knowing your worth, aka “feelin’ yourself” in all your glory. It’s fun and freaky and playful and absurd.” – FLAVIA

Stream via: FLAVIA
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
Photography by: Aaron Deppe

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