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Over the last few months Porter Robinson has given us a few very impressive new songs (‘Get Your Wish’, ‘Something Comforting’ & ‘Mirror’) while also making promise of his first album in seven years, “Nurture”, coming our way in April 2021 – very exciting stuff! 

As he continues to build the hype for that release, this week we are treated to the uplifting and empowering sounds of new single ‘Look At The Sky’, and as Porter explains below it is a song about hope and persistence…

“Look at the Sky is fundamentally a song about hope. There’s no shortage of fuel for despair, but you can’t take meaningful action to improve things if you don’t have some belief that things might get better. That’s what hope is, and I think it’s an emotion worth nourishing. I wrote this song at my lowest point emotionally, when I thought I couldn’t make music anymore, and I wasn’t sure if my existence would have any meaning if I couldn’t make music. In the lyrics, I’m sort of imagining what life would be like once I was on the other side of all that fear and anxiety and sadness. I’m happy to report that it’s amazing on the other side of all this, and I’m so glad I had hope and persisted.”

Stream via: Mom+Pop
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram
Photography by: Dan Regan

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