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rei brown continues to serve up some of the most beautiful and raw music that is going around this year, and in his brand new single ‘Forever’ the bar is raised that little bit higher with pristine levels of musicianship on display.

Teaming up with long-time collaborator Joji, ‘Forever’ begins in a sombre mood-set with the full-bodied acoustic guitar strumming and those touching melodies that float through the air. With those lo-fi R&B styled beats coming to the forefront in the catchy as hell chorus, ‘Forever’ catches you off guard in a captivating way with the key change in the last chorus, changing the colour palate from subdued to uplifting in a matter of seconds.

“I started ‘Forever’ with Joji back in 2017. I remember we were joking around trying to write cheesy pop songs and ended up with a verse/chorus that we really liked. It lived on my phone as a voice memo for years. In 2019 I met up with keshi for the first time when he was visiting New York. I played him the voice memo, he sang the hook back to me, and I knew right away that I wanted his help finishing the song.” – rei brown

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