Grammy-nominated artist Maths Time Joy delivers quite an emotionally-fuelled new single in ‘Fall Back’ which features the haunting tones of Matt Woods, that will send shivers down your spine with its gripping soundscape.

‘Fall Back’ fully encapsulates a dark and obscure sound palate from the outset with a thick later of fog injected deep into the mix that is matched with the raw nature of Woods’ vocals that add that extra layer of intrigue, and leave you in wonder with their magnetising approach.

“Matt came with the demo idea which we started from and I loved the lo-fi vocal approach. I think Matt has one of those voices that convey so much emotion in the delivery that you can experiment with the clarity and processing of the vocal and still maintain the emotional impact of the song, and I like having that ambiguity in some of the delivery of the lyrics.” – Maths Time Joy

Stream: eOne Music
Artist Connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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