It’s been almost a full year since a lot of us were actually able to go out to a club and really just let loose to some deep bass. Luckily, Nina Las Vegas is keeping the club dream alive with her hard-hitting new track ‘Busy’. At the moment, a lot of the music being released has felt nostalgic for the parties of years past, but ‘Busy’ brings us hope. Hope that we’ll be just getting lost in a dark smokey (and clean!) club someday soon. 

The buzzing synths with their slightly warped tones really wake you up before the heavy beat brings ‘Busy’ to life. It’s like a splash of ice cold water to the face. ‘Busy’ really tells you to snap out of it and really just get, for lack of a better word, ‘Busy’. The light vocals echo throughout the track, with computerised accents adding texture to the already vibrant melody. The track is short, but sweet. It’s the kind of track you listen to when you need to remind yourself that you can do anything, you just need to let go of your worries and do it!

Nina Las Vegas has really used 2020 to throw herself into her music. Although there hasn’t been too many releases, each one has had a purpose and with ‘Busy’, the purpose is to show everyone that whatever’s happening in the world, you can still pull through. Clubs will come back to life, you can still strive for what you want and you can get ‘Busy’.. if you really want to. Don’t sleep on yourself and your talents, Nina Las Vegas surely isn’t!

Stream: NLV Records
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