Swedish producer and songwriter ivares brings forth a familiar tale that we can all relate to under the umbrella of indie/electronic with his brand new single ‘Wallet & Friends’ (featuring Linus Lee) which delves into getting loose on a night out with friends.

Initially we are introduced to the carefree feeling held in the playful drums that is carried through the duration of the piece, and used as building blocks for the rest of the instrumentation to add their individual flair on top of. ‘Wallet & Friends’ contrasts within its vocal approach, highlighting a more restrained approach in the verses but taking things up a notch in the chorus and matching the intensity held in the synths and bass which results in an explosion of colour.

‘The song is really about being in a state of drunk, or high, whatever you relate to. You’re going out, and lose everything…It’s kind of destructive, but also with a fun and easy-going perspective.’ – ivares

Stream: ivares
Artist Connect: Instagram | Soundcloud

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