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Sydney singer-songwriter/producer Lupa J has had an enormous rise throughout 2020, leaving a huge dent in the Australian music scene with their gripping and dark electronic soundscapes rising to the highest levels of quality, and now their rounding out 2020 in style with the release of ‘To Breathe Underwater’ – an enthralling eight-track offering that will leave you with goosebumps.  

Featuring previous singles ‘Supermarket Riots’, ‘This Suburb’ and ‘Call Them Up’, Lupa J evokes heavy influence from techno and electronic genres that bring forth plenty of emphatic force and power. With enforcing drums and booming bass lines setting the core of the piece in tact, Lupa J raises the intensity of the soundscapes immensely through blistering synths and soaring vocals that tear through the mix with sheer ferocity. 

“I named the album To Breathe Underwater because in a lot of my recent lyric writing I was unintentionally referencing water a lot… in ‘This Suburb’ I say ‘please just let me float here’, and in ‘Limbo’ (an earlier single that didn’t make it to the album) I say ‘hold me in limbo until I drown’.  It kind of subconsciously became this metaphor for what I was trying to tap into across the whole album – realising I have this overpowering part of myself that often desperately wants to become encompassed in another person, but that part of myself also being somewhat dangerous.” – Lupa J

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