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LA-based producer Diamond Pistols combines forces with rising artist Rich Brian for a crisp collection of electronic/hip-hop in their new single ‘Time Machine’, a track full of nostalgia reminiscing about the past whilst also enjoying the present day.

‘Time Machine’ focuses on warm and glowing instrumentation such as the tough trap beats, shiny guitars and mellow keys that compliment Rich Brian‘s playful melodies that carry a buoyancy throughout. As a result of this, Diamond Pistols maintains a summery soundscape with his vibrant mix that further evokes a reminiscing nature that lies in the core of the track.

“Brian and I started the idea for ‘Time Machine’ before the pandemic, but it didn’t really fully take shape and connect until mid-pandemic, when neither of us had seen our friends or family for months. It’s really about longing for good memories from the past, while realising that we’ll look back on the moment we’re living right now in nostalgia some day.” – Diamond Pistols

Stream: Ultra Music
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