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Artist services agency Good Intent have teamed up with events management company Bingo Loco to create a space for artists to meet, hang and create high quality visual content, and this week they’re celebrating the launch of “Good Loco”.

Based in Marrickville (Sydney), Good Loco is a full functioning photography and videography studio which is said to host one of the largest cycloramas in the area. It’s fully equipped with a diverse range of cameras (inc. Fuji & Cannon) and lighting gear (Profoto), and it also has fully-fitted make-up & dressing rooms, vocal booth, props on standby, bathroom, kitchen, bar and green room with recreational facilities – sounds like a great place to hang & create! 

To celebrate the launch Good Loco will be offering up its first month of bookings in November at no charge for independent musicians, so if you need to get some visual work done for your next project you can check out their booking schedule here.  

We asked one of the Good Loco directors, Rob Carroll, a few questions this week as well; 

Happy 2nd anniversary of “Good Intent” – what have been your three most memorable experiences over that time?
1. Good Intent’s First Birthday.
As part of our first birthday, we ran a stage at King St. Crawl last year at The Marly with Bootleg Rascal, Down For Tomorrow, A.GIRL, SCABZ and a bunch of other legends; Dappled Cities and Bluejuice did some guest DJ sets too. There’s always something really special about completing your first lap around the sun and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate it. The crowd really turned it on and we all ended up bendering into BIGSOUND after it… most definitely a week of many lost brain cells and dignity.

2. Bootleg Rascal tours and releases.
Bootleg Rascal have created so many great moments since we started managing them. They sold out their 2019 national tour on pre-sale, which was a feat they’d never achieved before we’d started working with them. Their Australian regional tour at the start of this year was an absolute cracker too. I tour managed the run and also performed a stand-up like routine as part of it, which was written and produced by Jimmy (guitarist) and myself. We had 17 different supports across various legs of the 15-date run, who were all amazing and the crowds were wild as well. The band’s recent releases have been doing well too, with some of the biggest tastemakers in the world getting behind them and their monthly listenership peaking at 245k; a 22.5% increase from where they usually sat and all without any major radio support.

3. Seeing everything grow.
One of the most satisfying experiences has been watching our roster and team grow. From break out artists like Down For Tomorrow, RedHook, SCABZ and A.GIRL, to working with some of our favourite artists such as Gyroscope, Bas, Citizen Kay, Philadelphia Grand Jury and Freddie Gibbs. We now have 7 people working for Good Intent, and watching them come into their own has been a real treat too. Good Intent wouldn’t be what it is today without the amazing help I have around me.

Congratulations on the launch of “Good Loco” – what triggered the idea of setting up a photography & video studio?
Thank you, again! One of our management acts, Down For Tomorrow, shot a music video in the space. After seeing how it turned out and how useful the space was, we thought why not make this a content space where artists can affordably do rad shoots and clips. It’s also a great way for us to pivot while we can’t do live events and tours.

You’ve teamed up with local event management agency “Bingo Loco” – have you guys known each other for a while or is this a whole new partnership/adventure?
I’ve been friends and worked with Laurie Mahon (Director of Bingo Loco) for around 9 years or so. We started our businesses around the same time (he does a bunch of other stuff too) and started out by hot-desking. We decided we wanted to move into our own premises to have more room and privacy… and also because we’d always piss off other people we’d share spaces with by being too loud, vaping and getting too competitive playing table tennis. We found this big beautiful space in Marrickville back in February this year and fell in love with it instantly. There’s so much room for activities!

What is the first published piece of content to come out of the studio?
On the cyclorama, would be the semi-professional rock band, FANGZ, promoting the launch of their new hot sauce ‘Fang Us Some Sauce’ – CHECK THAT HERE

I hear the studio has “one of the largest cycloramas in the area” – for those who aren’t very photography-savvy (like myself), what is a cyclorama?
In photography and videography, cycloramas or cycs are a curved backdrop structure, which are typically white to create the illusion of infinite space and isolate the subject being shot, so there is more focus on that / them. You would have seen them used on commercials, movies and music videos.

2020 has been pretty tough on a lot of creative industries, but do you see anything within the music or photography industry that might come out of this for the better?
Amazing records and content! I also think we’re continually evolving and working under arduous conditions within the creative industries, so I think this period will make us even more resilient than before.

You can also get some scope of this new studio space via the video below – let’s get creative! 

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