OMG – and I have never started a review with OMG – but that was my honest, raw reaction to the self-titled EP debut of GAUCI, a project among artists turned friends who quickly realised they were stronger in numbers.  You know the magic of discovering new music on SoundCloud and realising you’ve unearthed something special, like the diamond in the rough that is millions upon millions of tracks? That is exactly what my first brush with this catchy EP felt like.

Every track on the EP will make you sway and saunter your way through a room, but GAUCI’s standout is the irresistible “Heartbeat,” a hyper pop tune that has all the bubbly synths and dance-worthy 808s I love.  That bold, courageous feel to leave it all out on the floor is consistent throughout the EP, even in moodier tracks like “Paradise” or “November.”  If you love pop music that’s thoughtful, layered, and deliciously smooth, this is the group for you – listen to their fab EP below.

Stream: GAUCI
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