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Dutch artist Mason serves up some of the tastiest jam’s you’ll come across with the release of his groovy new album ‘Frisky Biscuits’ that melds the worlds of disco, funk and electronic together that will be sure to get you up and moving immediately.

Featuring guest vocalists such as Jem Cooke (Camelphat) and Shingai (The Noisettes) across the 13 tracks on offer, Mason splashes a large amount of colour and positivity throughout his depth-defying mixes such as the sultry bass lines, fresh beats and spirited keys. Furthermore the key element to this album is the uncompromising groove that each track offers up, allowing a podium for moving and grooving to occur across the 48 minute duration.

“I wanted to turn these weird times into something productive so I locked myself in studio like a true hermit. I’m hoping with this album to bring my share of warmth and positivity to this world, which I like to think we can all use these days.” – Mason

Stream: Toolroom
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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