Three-piece indie/electronic outfit GAUCI impressed with their most recent single ‘To Save A Moment’, and now they return with news of their self-titled debut EP out this October through their most impressive release to date in ‘Heartbeat’.

‘Heartbeat’ encompasses a heavy 80’s synth-pop influence with its tantalising synth presence that we’ve come to love about GAUCI, which provides a bubbly texture full of buoyancy that is so damn addictive. Featuring the crystal-clear vocals and harmonies in the chorus section adding the cherry on top of the impressive mix on offer, ‘Heartbeat’ shines immensely with its bright colour palate and gives us yet another reason to keep an eye on GAUCI.

Heartbeat is about those intimate moments of exchanged whispers before confessing your unconditional love. It’s the feeling of being in a packed room unable to pay attention to anyone except the person you want to leave with.” – GAUCI

Stream: GAUCI
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