London duo fika Fabich continue their strong form across this year with the highly-anticipated release of their collaborative EP ‘Love Stories’ that continues to see their stocks rise at a rapid rate with their super-smooth soundscapes on offer.

Throughout the duration of ‘Love Stories’ we see a glowing sensation carried throughout the tracks on offer. This is caused through the utterly irresistible instrumentation on offer that transfers plenty of groove and liveliness in each track, as well as those light-hearted vocals that compliment the mixes to a tee and take things to another level overall.

“Love Stories” was all about exploring creativity and getting to know one another. There were no preconceptions going into the creation of the record and what it should sound like,” say fika, adding “we ate donuts, drank beer, and enjoyed each other’s company all before exploring any musical ideas. For us that’s what it’s all about, just creating – some of the songs don’t have a structure, they don’t have a chorus, we just went with the flow. What we ended up with was an organic collection of songs that just so happened to be about love.

Stream: Unity Records
Fika: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram
Fabich: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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